Brits Parlement registreert horrorscenario van no-deal Brexit

17 december 2018 - 15:23

De Zwitserse krant Neue Zürcher Zeitung vatte eind vorige week een rapport van het Britse Lagerhuis samen over de gevolgen van een no-deal Brexit op de Britse industrie. Die zijn ronduit catastrofaal. Heel veel bedrijven werken met just-in-time delivery, zoals Toyota. Twee citaten uit het meest scherpe hoofdstuk uit het rapport

In the case of Toyota, disruptions to their integrated just-in-supply processes would result in “stop-start production” for weeks or months at their UK car plant. The value of the cars Toyota make is £10 million a day; any stoppages would be very challenging to cope with. “We have 50 trucks a day coming through the (Channel) Tunnel […] we carry just four hours of parts at our plant. We collect the parts in sequence to the build and we build the cars one by one to customer order. There is no batch build, so we have to have not just the 50 trucks a day but we have to have them in sequence. It will be no good if we have 49 and truck 17, for example, is missing. We will then stop. […] We would have stop-start production for weeks, possibly months.”

Lorries arriving at Calais will be subject to third-country checks taking between 7 and 15 minutes, compared to less than 30 seconds at present. We were told that in this situation there would be no space for the lorries, so the boats will turn around with lorries on them, or would not allow the lorries on to the boats. The motorway would rapidly become a lorry park and all the lorry drivers and capacity will be taken out. Meanwhile, European drivers would be unlikely to come to the UK if they think their lorry is going to get stuck on the return visit. It was stressed that this situation would result in produce not being able to get in, and some not being able to get out.

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